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May 28th, 2006

king_duncan @ 04:59 am: Drunk!
Just got high-fived by a drunk chick on the street at 4:30AM. She was walking toward me with her hand up, being supported by another drunk chick, and she said okay HE'LL give me a high five. So I did. And kept walking. Awesome.

Current Mood: amusedamused

April 20th, 2006

ihave_themoon @ 10:06 am: Today is, indeed, National High Five Day. Strangely, the website says that it has spread around the globe, which should merit a name change.

October 25th, 2004

high_five_guy @ 12:45 am: WORD.

October 7th, 2004

high_five_guy @ 06:21 pm:

September 12th, 2004

chainblinger @ 03:44 pm: I would like to send a SUPER HIGH FIVE out to my friend, Kayla, WHO KICKS SOME MAJOR ACADEMIC ASS!


faerie_lelaina just got a kickass 4G scholarship!!

Current Mood: proud
Current Music: Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing
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